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Marketing with a comprehensive approach is our key to success

Thunderhawk strives to establish long-lasting partnerships with our clients and create the best marketing experience.

Who We Are

Thunderhawk frees the local business owner so you can spend less time working in your business and more time on the business. That means less worrying and more time enjoying life with your family and friends.

From creating an evergreen marketing strategy that delivers a consistent flow of leads and sales, everything we do is geared towards helping you reach those seemingly impossible marketing goals and ultimately making your business more money.

Thunderhawk was founded by a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals who are addicts for all things search, advertising, content, and anything else that leads to reaching your digital marketing goals.

Ranging from SEO to paid advertising and beyond, Thunderhawk’s comprehensive approach brings all aspects of digital marketing together to get you the best results with the highest ROI.

Our Difference

We work with law firms, home service professionals, health organization, and small businesses to deliver digital marketing services that drives growth and ROI. From the very beginning, we’ve always over-delivered on our services because we want the best results for our partners.

We’ve completed more than 300 digital marketing projects in a wide variety of verticals. As the industry continues to grow, we’re growing with it and will be here to guide you along the ever-changing digital way. Our experience is your advantage.


No amount of digital marketing matters unless it gets results. Every recommendation we make is meant to bolster your business. We collect and analyze data to know when we’re on the right track, or if a course correction is needed.


We firmly believe that your success is our success. We’re more than just a company you hire; we’re your digital marketing partner. Transparency and honesty are just as important to us as they are to you. The lines of communication always remain open.

Our Team

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Ronaldo Stewart

Co-founder | Paid Ads Wizard

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